April 8, 2010

First Communion Menu Ideas--Need Help!

My son's First Communion is this Sunday (on Divine Mercy Sunday--what a perfect day) during the 12:30 Mass.  Friends and family will be following us home for a party right afterwards, and we'll be serving a late lunch.  The problem is, I want to serve a hot lunch (not cold cuts if I can help it) and I'm not sure how to have everything ready the moment we all walk in the door.  Since it will be 2:00 when we all get here, people will be hungry and I want to have food ready right away.  We'll have around 25 people here, including us. Have any of you done this before?  Any ideas?

Here's what I have tentatively planned so far:

Sandwiches--people can choose their filling for Hoagie rolls
   -Chicken Spiedies (already cooked and kept on warm in a Crock Pot)
   -Home Made Meatballs in sauce (in Crock Pot)

Cold Sides
   -pasta salad
   -fruit tray/cram cheese dip
   -chocolate dipped strawberries
   -veggie tray w/ spinach and roasted garlic dip

Hot Sides
   -pepperoni rolls
   -taco bites ("Scoops" chips filled with taco meat, salsa and topped w/ cheese; baked for 5 minutes)


My worry is the meatballs will be too messy, and the chicken will get dried out sitting there on warm for 2-3 hours.  We just had pulled pork and shredded beef for parties last week, so I don't want to repeat those if possible  I'm not comfortable leaving my oven on while no one is home, so I don't want to have anything baking while we're gone.  Any ideas for easy to pull off homemade food that can be served the minute we walk in the door?


  1. Brisket! Cook it in your oven a long time (6-7 hours) on low (250-300). Yummy and can feed a crowd!

  2. If you need an extra crockpot, feel free to borrow mine!

    YOu could also do some easy quesdillas and bake them all at once in the oven at 450 degrees (for 5 minutes) when you get back to the house. oh yeah, except Matthew doesn't like cheese. shoot.

  3. What about something like Italian beef sandwiches? http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Italian-Beef-Sandwiches/Detail.aspx

  4. You can always do bean or meat burritos or maybe fajitas!


Thank you for your input!

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